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Fast Claim Consultants Inc


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Fast Claim Consultants Is a Licensed and Bonded Public Adjusting Firm Who Has Serviced Over 4,000 Residential and Commercial Clients

Our company has nearly two decades experience to guide home or business owners through any unforeseen catastrophe. We have been there for our clients after natural disasters like Hurricane Frances, Jeanne,Irma Katrina and Wilma   .

Our company has the necessary knowledge that is needed to deal with all the aspects of an insurance claim. For example, to handle a claim properly we responsibly gather all the needed evidence of damages in a timely manner and report the information in specific details to the insurance companies. Remember, it is the responsibility of the policyholder to prove their claim or obtain the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable "public adjuster" (claims advocate) who will work on your behalf and level the playing field.

At Fast Claim  our adjusters unmatched knowledge, years of experience and hands on field expertise in the property claims industry makes us an invaluable asset for you and your claim. We are constantly trained in the changes of construction, building codes and materials. These aspects are extremely important, yet they are mostly overlooked when a loss or catastrophe occurs. In addition, our strong negotiation skills will also ensure that you will receive the maximum payout possible.

Fast Claim  is on your side; we will work harder than anyone to get you the results you DESERVE. For insurance companies, it is simply business, but we understand that to you, it is personal. You deserve to get compensated for your losses, you deserve the opportunity to start over, and succeed. We will help you do just that, by taking on the insurance companies as your advocates, and representing you professionally, aggressively and effectively!


What is a Public Insurance Adjuster?

When disaster strikes, negotiating your property loss can be an overwhelming task. A Public Adjuster will fight for you to get you all the money you deserve. A Public Adjuster works for you, not for the insurance company. The Public Adjuster works hard to inspect the property, assess the damage including hidden damage, file the detailed paperwork with all the jargon, and follow up with the insurance company– until the job is done. The proof is that payouts are often higher with a Public Adjuster than without. Having serious professional help in your corner can help ensure a good result with the insurance company. Get help as soon as possible.

Why hire a public adjuster to represent you?

Independent studies have shown that policyholders who used a public adjuster on catastrophe losses increased their claim settlement by up to 747% – OPPAGA Report

Why do I need a public Adjuster?

It’s usually not so much a question of a company adjuster deliberately trying to mislead you as it is a matter of his expecting you to already know how to do everything required to convince him and his employer, your insurance company, that they ought to pay you for what you say you have lost. You always need to bear in mind that insurance

companies are profit-making businesses, and to keep their bottom line as healthy as possible, they usually try not to pay out any more than the bare minimum on as many claims as possible.

That is why you need Fast Claim Consultants ,Inc: we are Public adjusters, which means we are licensed to represent and assist you, as a member of the public, in the intricacies of documenting, presenting, and negotiating with the company’s representatives, to make sure you achieve not only what you deserve but also what you have faithfully been paying your premiums for: the maximum amount your coverage entitles you to.

Do Public Insurance Adjusters have any type of training or certifications?

Yes. Public Insurance Adjusters are trained and certified, they must also maintain continue education standards with department of insurance. Public adjusters attend routine seminars dealing with number of scenarios related to policy language changes, building damages, building structure, building codes, fire damage, proper repair methods, roof failure, estimating software changes, construction cost changes, construction material changes.

Well versed P.A maintain a level of knowledge to ensure a proper settlement for the general public.

Why should I request the help of a Public Insurance Adjuster?

The insurance companies do not want to pay you what you deserve. They want to throw you a low-ball offer and hope that you will take it since you don’t know all the ins and outs of your coverage or your claim. An Insurance Adjuster will help you level the playing field and fight on your behalf to get the insurance companies to pay you the settlement you are entitled to.

When should I get a Public Adjuster involved?

It’s always in your best interest to get a Public Adjuster involved as quickly as possible following a loss. Every decision you make (no matter how insignificant it seems) can greatly impact your final settlement. And, this eliminates the possibility that you could fail to comply with any of the conditions outlined in your insurance policy, which could result in the insurance company minimizing or even denying your claim.

What should I do in the event of damage or loss?

Call your insurance company immediately and then contact us for a free consultation on your claim!

Will​ my insurance company deny me further coverage if I hire a Public Adjuster?

No. It is your right to hire a professional to assist you with your claim. There are very strict laws prohibiting this type of action.

Why can’t I take on the insurance company on my own?

While your legally able to file your own property insurance claim damages on your own, it can quickly become a complex process better suited for a expert property claims adjuster. To add property insurance policy and laws are very complex and that's without even adding state specific insurance rules. Insurance company pays their team of lawyers , adjusters and experts very well to ensure the interest of insurance company is always first and not insured. The focus to insurance company is the financial  BUSINESS NOT insured's If you are trying to represent yourself, your ability to counter a large insurance company will likely be too overwhelming. Insurance companies will also push for settlements that are almost always very small in comparison to what you actually deserve.       You need someone to level the playing field, with enough knowledge and experience to not only win your claim, but to also get the settlement you deserve .

What happens when I go at it on my own?

Your insurance policy is a contract. It imposes very specific obligations on you as the policyholder and also on your insurance company as the insurer. The most important of these is the fact that, in order to get your insurance company to pay you a single dime, you have to prove your claim to them.

If you try to do this yourself, you may as well face it: you are going to have to change professions and become a professional claims adjuster. You’ll have to become an expert in pricing everything from roofing nails to original artwork, and you will have to develop organizational and negotiating skills miles beyond any you have ever had to use in the past.

What is more, in many cases, this will become your full-time job for months to come, sometimes even years – unless, that is, you hire an experienced Public Adjuster like Fast Claim Consultants to help you document and prove your claim. Having us on your side helps level the playing field and keeps you from having to play David to your insurance company’s Goliath.

Also look at all the news outlets Hurricane Irma victims are waiting to fully be paid on their damages nearly 18 months; first insurance company pays what an insurance company employee see fit read articles

Insurance companies are so out of control that they even refuse to pay the law makers are not immune to their abusive tactics as shown in following article

Why should I pay someone to help me receive what is mine?

The key thing to keep in mind is that the burden of proof for your loss is entirely on you. The insurance company will offer to pay you what they believe is due which may be very different from what you believe is due to you. It stands to reason that the insurance company would prefer to pay you as little as possible. It is solely up to you to provide documented proof of every aspect of your loss to the insurance company.

A Public Adjuster has the experience and ability to get you the maximum settlement to which you are entitled. And, since your Public Adjuster works solely and exclusively for you, he/she will always work with your best interests in mind.

How much can I expect to pay for the services of a Public Adjuster?

We charge a percentage of your settlement with the insurance company.  

Remember, we don’t get paid until we sett;e your claim