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Fast Claim Consultants Inc


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Sr. Public Adjuster, Appraiser, Umpire 

Department of Insurance License #E007653


  • Inventory losses – A public insurance adjuster will go through your property and list everything lost as well as estimate its value.
  • Document losses – In addition to inventorying your losses, a public adjuster also takes digital photos, draws up diagrams, and takes extensive notes all documenting the damage to your home and the losses incurred.
  • Insurance policy review – Your insurance policy if filled with confusing insurance lingo that may contain exclusions and provisions. A public adjuster will review your policy to ensure that you are claiming everything possible under the policy.
  • Damage estimates – Since a local public insurance adjuster is familiar with Florida building codes and practices, his estimates are likely to be more realistic than an out-of-area insurance adjusters.
  • Paperwork – Filing insurance claims is a process that involves filing a great deal of paperwork. Public insurance adjusters are comfortable with these forms and take care of the details for you. 
  • Negotiations – It’s not uncommon for disputes to arise between homeowners and insurance companies. It’s also not uncommon for homeowners to accept the first settlement offer extended. In either case, a public adjuster will negotiate directly with the insurance company to ensure that you get what you deserve. Whether your claim has been denied or your insurance company has made an offer, let a public adjuster represent your interests and maximize your claim!

We handle all types of damages resulting from:

      • Broken Pipes
      • Business loss/Interruption
      • Collapse
      • Drain Backups
      • Fire/Smoke Damage
      • Flood
      • Floor Damage
      • Hail Storm
      • Hurricane/Wind
      • Kitchen & Bathroom Leaks
      • Lightning
      • Roof Leaks
      • Sink Holes
      • Theft
      • Tornados
      • Vandalism
      • Denied Claims
      • Underpaid Claims

Building Manager or Class A building Operator ? 

Your tennant or HOA Condo  calls… There’s been a devastating fire, and they don’t know what to do. They’ve never had a fire, let alone lost everything. Or the damage might be from a burst pipe, a flood, a structural collapse, even a storm or hurricane. Whatever the cause, We can help give you with our network of contractors who can provide Temporary Building Protection( Tarp ,Board Up ) , Emergency Restoration ( Water extraction , Emergency Plumbers , Electrician )  or even a safety protocol in place to help minimize liability in your commercial building .  One thing is clear: every second and every dollar count. You need an expert at the site Fast 

Your first call should be to the Fast Claim Consultants.

We are public adjusters, and we are experts at the preparation of insurance claims.  We work for you and your client, offering guidance and assistance in the claims process. We are your eyes and ears on your behalf, we’ll immediately go to the scene and assess the damage. We’ll then advise you and your client so that correct decisions are made to maximize their recovery.

The full-service Fast Claim Consultants, Inc team can organize the chaos and help your client recover from a seemingly impossible situation.

We'll fight to obtain the settlement they deserve – the maximum settlement – in the minimum amount of time.

How we do it:

  • We review your entire policy including any endorsements to make sure we can establish the best possible strategy.
  • We will fully document and make sure no policy provision has been violated in addition to providing photographs and diagrams of the property.
  • We will provide a detailed estimate of all personal property or business interruption.
  • We will provide a network of professionals depending on the complexity of your claim accountant, attorney, licensed contractor, engineers and restoration experts.
  • We provide adjusters that far exceed industry licensing standard ACA (Accredited Claim Adjuster) PCLS (Property Claims Law Specialist) and FCLS (Fraud Claim Law Specialists)
  • We schedule, meet and speak to all insurance company representatives relieving you from loss of work, embarrassing and unwanted calls and unneeded stress.
  • We prepare your Time Element Losses business interruption, Loss of Rent and Additional Living Expenses.
  • We AGGRESIVELY negotiate the maximum settlement in the quickest amount of time

Remember, if you do not get paid for your damages, we do not get paid for our services. Our business is founded upon giving our customers the best results. Contact us today for a free inspection and consultation.